PsiTech who is certain he will control the System some day


Gimbal the PsiTech has become driven to control, or should I say rule, earth. His once protective and healing demeanor has become a tad maniacal, very calculating, and determined to save every attractive hot chick in 2139. Gimbal uses his Psi Powers creativity and has actually entered into the Secret Preserver school, where he can manipulate or destroy a persons soul. He keeps this power a secret lest his StrikeForce turn on him. Gimbals life is complicated by the Saltheri Soul graft attached to him. A former General of the Saltheri, Agrin has a driven attitude but gimbal is unsure of his goals or how he will react to some of what he does. They work well togetehr, even if Gimbal does not trust him.
*Gimbals Back Story

Born to a normal family in the Free Merican Confederation, his family name is Tunholt but like most Free Mericans he rarely uses or refers to it. The oldest of 3 Centurian, children Gimbal discovered at an early age that he was different. Able to do some minor healiisg and such in school yard fights as a boy, Gimbal quickly became a friend to all the good hearted in school and the not so nice learned to leave him and his friends alone. At the Age of 12 Gimbal was taken before a Psi Guild testing board and found to be a Psi Weaver, at that moment his life changed forever. His life in the guild was as good as one could have and his eventual transfer to the MAC academy was not unexpected by his teachers in the Guild. Gimbal always wanted fast results and adventure. A life with a strike Force seemed the way to get there.
His father, Tersis a Senior Manufacturing Quality Manager for Encom Vanders, was not surprised either and gave his son his full blessing. His mother, Karly who had worked for years with the Sea Lords in the drive to change the basic fabric of society, was appalled and did not speak to Gimbal for almost 6 months. While she has come to accept the facts of Gimbals life his mother is doing all she can to convince him a nice life in the corp sector was good enough for his father and it should be good enough for him. Gimbals Brother, Tersi, did follow his fathers footsteps into Encom Vanders Labs. A manager in charge of manufacturing scheduling Tersi respects his brother and is a tad envious of the life he leads. Gimbals Sister, Kathri who born after Gimbal and is not especially close, also works with the Sea Lords as her mother does. A teacher in the northern sectors of the Confederation, Kathri is also married to a Sector admin ( A Sector in the Free Mericans is like a State Governor today, and they are elected) and has 2 children, both girls. Kathri did not hold Gimbals choices against him, rather she uses it as an example of how the Society leaves very little open to those who live in it.


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