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Written by a player, these words embody the player/character experience StrikeForce.

StrikeForce: 2126
Nov. 20, 2127
I was young once, but that was a long time ago. This world doesn’t let children roam it’s borders. It grabs hold at them and rips away that precious time that we all used to know so long ago. The Countries, the Corporations, they all strive for power. I’ve seen how they work. Using, manipulating, twisting everyone so that they can reach their own goal of power. With all of this corruption around us, surrounding us and consuming us, we are given a choice. We either adjust to it or we fight against it. If you adjust to it, you survive. You might even prosper, but all you’ll ever be is a pawn of a corrupt system. If you choose to fight against it you’ll probably die, but at least you’ll die — for your own cause and not on a whim of some corporate executive who knows or cares nothing about anything but his striving for power. Myself, I’m stuck between fighting and adjusting. You see, I’m not sure if I want to die yet. Oh well, we’ll see what tomorrow brings. We’ll see if there really is something left worth fighting for.

Max McPherson, Age 18

The StrikeForce Setting

_The current analysis of ongoing System responses and evaluations, suggests that the Combat sector has reached a critical mass. Those who support the current direction of the UN Plan and those who feel change is needed have reached a balance. Other sectors of society tend to be adjusting in a positive manner to the economic, political, and technology changes the system has implemented in the last 10 years. The Combat sector remains sorely divided; perhaps because of the advanced education and life experiences of the Professions now employed in the StrikeForce system. These stimuli, further enhanced by the exposure to Corporate sector personnel who seem to think their version of the UN plan is a better one, has forced many of the members of the Combat sector into a choice the Original designers of the system did not anticipate.
A prime example of this deviation is the assassination of Chandler Varsta, then CEO of AvCorp, by UN ESC members and a minority faction of AvCorp. Varsta had changed the plan and engaged in Operation Trojan Horse without any Planning Groups approval or even an ESC vote on the topic. The deviation was further complicated with his use of powerful Combat sector assets like Max McPherson. McPherson was a prime example of System grooming and developmental success until Varsta involved him in his operation. On March 23, 2132 , the System corrected the Deviation, and an AvCorp CEO was killed. His daughter became aligned with the Sea Lords (A less than enthusiastic supporter of the System), and McPherson has swung from a Supporter of the system to indifference towards the system. This is a troubling example of what is happening on a daily basis to the Combat sector.
It is the opinion of this Planning Sub group that more vetting of the Corporate Sectors leaders and others in contact with the Combat sector is required. This vetting needs to focus on the individual’s support of the System, Current UN leadership and any differing opinions. While the Corporate sector has been immune to such vetting, the time has come for this change. The changes in the most critical sector of the System, Combat, demand a hard look at the Corporate Sector and how they are driving these negative changes in the System.

Thank you for your time

Combat Sector Planning Sub Group 12_

General Chronology – StrikeForce

2000 – 2008

• The last great Conflict of the global age began in early 2000 as the 2 German nations attempted to unite. Russia and her allies, joined by France, refused to allow the unification by keeping their troops in place in East and West Germany.
• The newly joined German army attacked the Russians and their allies in eastern Germany, pushing the Warsaw pact forces into Poland and Czechoslovakia.
• Peace talks were being discussed when a series of tactical nuclear weapons were detonated by renegade soviet forces in the German town of Afield. NATO reinforces the Germans as part of the NATO treaty and the war takes off. German, British, and US forces push deep into Poland.
• Soviet armies in northern Czechoslovakia attack into Poland and Germany on NATO’s souther flank. French Forces cover Germany as war bogs down in Poland.
• Chinese Forces attack Russia from the east, Soviet nuclear and chemical attacks destroy 1/3 of attacking Chinese army and China as well. Over 2 billion civilians die in the attacks. Radiation and Chemical weapons move into South East Asia, and India, millions are killed. Asian Governments collapse.
• The NATO Armies exploit a weakness in the Warsaw pact lines and advance to the city of Kiev.
Russian announcement states that any further attacks on Russian Soil will be considered nuclear attacks by the US. NATO forces halt.
• US commissions android Paulson Units to guard US Borders from immigrants flooding the southern and northern borders. Units seem stable at first, then have major redesign to control their anti- human behaviors.
• US and German special tactics troops cut Moscow off from their nuclear command structure over a period of 6 months. When informed their subs and land based missiles have been neutralized Russians attack NATO with Chemical and Biologic agents and renew the attacks along the front..
• US Paulson Units disappear from their posts and send letter to the US president explaining their intention to destroy humanity.
• US president creates the Cartin Commission to plan for fighting the Paulson units.
• Paulson Units uses Russian Bright Star plan to detonate 2/3 of Russian Satellites from a low orbit. The resulting EMP causes the “Russian Darkness”

2008 – 2034

• Russian Darkness collapses world economy and networks. Most governments and Corporations collapse, anarchy reigns throughout the world.
• Paulson units, masquerading as humans start wars on every major continent. Limited Nuclear attacks on targets across the globe add to the turmoil and contribute to the collapse of society.
• A limited nuclear attack from Iran and Syria fails to destroy the Israeli or Palestinian armed forces. The last Israeli War ends with the destruction of Tehran and a Joint Israeli – Palestinian occupation of Syria and Lebanon.
• Finland establishes a monarchy lead parliamentary government to help weather the collapse around them. US forces Europe join Monarchy of Finland after a suicide bombing kills the Commanding general.
• Cartin Commission find several US and British corporations that are still functional. They explain the Paulson situation and the Cartin Consortium is born; dedicated to fighting the Paulson Units across the world. Secret War begins.
• The Sea Lords, a collection of war and merchant Ships from around the world, leave their base in Vladivostok and agree to help the Consortium.
• The Sea Lords start initative to eliminate every remaining nuclear weapon and destroy all processing facilities.
• 5 Consortium Strike teams attack Paulson Units around the world. 3 teams are destroyed, the other 2 destroy their targets. Consortium documents the success for others to use.
• New British Empire and Monarchy of Finland supports the creation of a tech academy in Warsaw.
• Paulson units recruit a 50,000 man army to take control of the Arabian peninsula. 10 StrikeTeams are sent to find and destroy the Paulson’s leading the attack.
• Arabian peninsula attack is successful, Consortium creates AvCorp to control the area and manage the petroleum reserves.
• Consortium and the Paulson Units are evenly matched fighting across the world from 2011 till 2022. In 2022 the Consortium gains the upper hand.
• Vatican raids reveal Paulson Units inside the churches ruling council. Strike Teams are sent in to control riots and eliminate the threat. These combats are called the vatican raids.
• Remus, one of the first 2 prototype Paulson Units, is discovered and almost killed in the ruins of Washington DC. Remus is destroyed falling off the top of Niagra Falls.
• Romulus, the other protype, is killed in Tokyo Bay in 2034. Secret War is declared over by the Corporations of the Consortium.

2034 – 2050

• Infighting between Corps, including several small wars between Timmonds Fuel and AvCorp, reflect the consortium members changing values. Consortium is dissolved in 2034.
• Many nations begin to re-form civilian governments
• Corporations move civilians away from their production areas. This allows the Corps more control over the areas, methods of resource extraction, and production.
• Tech Academy declares it independence from all Corporate and National entities. AvCorp/ESA and Styer Hann Arms support them. New organization is called the Tech Guild.
• Geneva Accords on the Rules of Corporate warfare are signed by all major corps.
• Several new National governments try to force Corps to pay for use of land and production facilities. Battles take place between the Nations and Corps.
• Aurtur Flenders, CEO AvCorp, sees the end of humanity in wars between Corps and Nations. Flenders begins to call for a new United Nations to be formed.
• With the help of the Sea Lords, the Tech Guild, and several other Corporations the new UN is born. Using the Global Planetary Production Index (GPPI) system nations are given payments from the UN based on their contribution to the Global Planetary Production Index. Nations contribution is based in part on how many corporations are working in the Economic Zones.

2050 – 2136

• AvCorp CEO Flenders reveals to the UN ESC the existence of an extraterrestrial race called the Satheri. Flenders explains that the Saltheri Empireplans to enslave humanity when we achieve space flight. Weeks later the UN Planning Commission Act is made law.
• The Planning Groups begin to use their powers to drive Humanity to a stronger and more resilient society.
• Sea Lords refuse to work with the Planning groups and leave the UN.
• H3 Fusion is refined into a usable power source. Tech Guild and The Sea Lords work to get all other forms of pollution causing power generation removed from use.
• Inter Company wars escalate forcing National Economic Zones become huge defense areas to repeal Corporate Strike teams as Corps assault other Corps means of to destroy their means of production.
• Unified Law of Forces discovered and proven by the Tech Guild. This new science interlinks all disciplines of science with one law.
• Gravlectric engines and generators created. The design uses a negative gravity force to create great amounts power. This allows for high output multi vector engines with amazing thrust to weight and torque values. A single Gravlectric generator can provide over 2 TW of power per hour, with minimal input of startup power.
• Tech Guild and Sea Lords use their influence to slow the wars between Corps and nations. The UN contributes extra to national economies. As the National economies expand world wide standards of living rise .
• London rebuilding into a Domed arcology type city is finished, UN takes up residence in the new Flenders Building.
• In 2104 Timmonds Fuel attacks and kills the CEO of AvCorp and his family. They were enroute to a UN meeting at Christmas.
• Chandler Varsta, the 18 year old son of the dead CEO, asks AvCorp’s Investors for 1 year to run the company. Varsta is granted his year, using AvCorp forces to destroy Timmonds Fuel in every corner of the globe. AvCorp uses the Mobile Air Battle Cruiser Prometheus to level the Timmonds HQ in the Aztec Empire. Timmonds HQ Sub levels are never penetrated.
• Tech Guild has a major reorganization. New councils of Medical and Psionics are founded.
• StrikeForces are allowed to add Fieldtech and Psitech members. The Timmonds/AvCorp war showed many weaknesses in current Combat Sector skill sets.
• New technology standards; VSIC, Nanonic, and DNA are released by the UN and Tech Guild.
• Chandler Varsta is killed by AvCorp StrikeForces, after he launches a spacecraft with an emissary to the Saltheri. He took the action without UN or Planning group approval.
• Plasma and laser weapons are released for use by the UN and Tech Guild.
• Encom Vanders Labs/DNA Fusion corporate war ends in a draw, neither side gains any real advantage over the other.
• 2136 AD. The System Dominates. Will you fight it?

From this past comes the future

The conflict, the Secret War, and the other choices mankind has made, led to the UN and the System. The System is the hand and heart of the UN and its Planning groups.
The UN Planning Groups are mandated to create a society that can rise like a phoenix from any threat or disaster. The UN dreams of a humanity that can use its strength in technology, society, and productivity to overcome any and all obstacles. The creation of the UN planning groups was the implementation of the dream. Without the Paulson units creating a world where all previous societies had been destroyed, none of this of this would have been possible. Seeing his chance Aurthur Flenders did all he could to bring humanity to a different, better place. He fought for the creation of the UN to make sure it happened.
The recreation of the United Nations in 2050, was the moment that the Nations and the Corps became bound to the UN and AvCorp. The system gives nations the cash investment they require to maintain their cities and take care of their civilian populations. The Nations are given money in proportion to their contribution to planetary Gross Production. Poorer countries have no choice but to woo new business to their economic zones, by showing how weak the competition is.
The StrikeForce is the critical part of this back and forth economic system. The use of small combat teams to disrupt, steal, or otherwise damage the reputation of an enemy is crucial to moving up a Nation in the GPPI. Corporations see the StrikeForce as the best way to stop a rival, steal secrets, or kidnapp personnel they need.
The UN sees the StrikeForces ability to be creative in its solutions as the best way to stimulate and grow the new society (called the Phoenix Society by many in the Planning Groups). This drives humanity up the technology tree while using the Nations and the Corps to further fund and empower the Phoenix Society, the UN wins both ways. Combined, these factors have created a human society that has discovered more science and achieved a stability that rivals any in other society in human history.
The society of 2136 is one where violence is an accepted part of every day life. It is the norm that armored troops walk amongst them carrying plasma cannons, mini missiles, and melee weapons. StrikeForces are perceived as harbingers of death, and heros of the lower classes.
In 2136 the disparity between classes is noticeable and a constant source of tension for the system. The lot of the lower classes and poorer nations is hard, yet they are still a part of the System and have options. Even the poorest person can find work if they want it and the poorest nation has the chance to improve its status with the right mission or its newest FACOM. It is only those who abandon the System who must fight their way through the world. Those who choose to fight must overcome even greater obstacles designed to bring them back to the system. Welcome to humanities future. You are next step in humanities journey. The question is will you accept the System for what it is and what it wants to achieve? Or will you fight it?

The System

The Creation of The System

The first meeting of the UN Economic Security Council (ESC) was a shocking one for 9 of the CEO’s present. Aurtur Flenders used this closed meeting to explain why fighting the Paulson Units 20 years ago in the Secret War, was so critical. The Secret War was fought to save humanity from two threats, The Paulsons and an alien race called the Saltheri. Days before the Russian Darkness these aliens arrived at the White House; choosing to reveal themselves just after the Paulson revolt. The Saltheri had been monitoring humanity for some time as a candidate slave race. They considered the technology of the Paulsons as an affront to nature and all they held dear. The Saltheri gave the US President a stern warning; destroy all Paulson Units or face the wrath of the Saltheri Empire. This of course meant the destruction of the planet and humanity. The Saltheri also stated that once humanity entered space and could leave the Solar System, they would be allowed to live as servants of the Emperor. The Russian Darkness occurred 4 days after the visit. The leader of the Cartin Consortium, Martin Cartin, was aware of this aspect of the war and the information was a driving motivator for all the Consortium Leaders. By 2025 the threat of the Saltheri seemed remote, almost contrived to many of the new CEO’s and political leaders. Corporations Like Timmonds Fuel and Steyr Hann had real enemies to deal with, not phantoms of a dead president who’s empire no longer existed. So the Consortium began to bicker and fight until it’s dissolution in 2034.
Flenders took the threat seriously. He assumed it was true; once humanity reached the stars we would have to bow down to these Saltheri, simply because they got there first. Flenders refused to accept that outcome and the 9 CEO’s agreed. They devised a plan to encourage humanity to grow both as a society and technologically. The initial plan was created and voted on in a marathon 2 week session of ESC meetings. The final document called for the creation of an ESC controlled planning group. This group would devise a way for humanity to develop so that within 150 years humanity could defeat or at least coexist with any threat inside or outside the solar system. The plan was handed off to the newly appointed ESC Commissioner of Planning, the CEO of AvCorp Autur Flenders and President of the ESC.

GPPI and the System

The funding for the UN and by extension the system, is obtained from the Global Planetary Production Index (GPPI). This index lists every Corporate, Guild, and National entity in the system. Illegal entities such as smugglers, the black market and pirates are also tracked by the GPPI even though they receive no benefits from the GPPI system. GPPI works by comparing each entities contribution to the Gross Planetary Product. The GPP of all enties fom the last year is placed on the index, and rebates then are paid back to Nations for social services, based on their contribution.
Corporations get no direct return from the Index, but most work out deals to make using the FACOMs and DISCENs in the various nations E-Zones advantageous to them. The greater the Corps position in the GPPI the more influence they tend to have with the ESC and by extension the planning groups.
Guilds also get rebates based on their contribution to the expansion of the global economy.
It is important to note that the GPPI is a false economy of outrageous scale. The entire Index is designed to fill in the funding gaps when a Nations economy begins to falter. Should there be a drop in global production output, the System responds with increased Index payments to Nations and Guilds. This allows the Nations and guilds to build up a stronger infrastructure and offers to the Corps which expands production. This means that even economic downturns are managed and can even be stopped assuming these social controls can be activated in time.
This is why the System promotes corporate and national unity. The close link to resources and production means both sides must work together to expand or both will falter. The GPPI has had many scandals in its time as Corps and Nations have tried to exploit the index. The Planning Groups that manage the Index are aware of these attempts. They are allowed because they are an alternate ways of stimulating the economy. The Planning Groups feel that the wealth of a few individuals who abuse the System is minor cost when compared to any increase in production and technology research.

The United Nations Planning Groups

The Main Planning Group, consisting of 12 scientist and Corporate Executives, was made permanent after the founding in 2050. 4 Sub groups were then created to help filter and further monitor the direction of the System. These initial 4 sub groups were; the Combat Sector Sub Group, the Corp Sector Sub group, the Civilian Sub Group, and the Guild Sub Group. In 2057 another 4 permanent Sub groups were added; The Species Sub Group, The Psi Sub Group, The Religious Sub Group, and the Technology Sub Group. Each of these Sub groups have spawned as many as 50 of their own research groups at any one time. All sub groups consist of 12 members who do all research and work. These groups explore a particular question or issue within the System. Based on recommendations from these sub groups the Main Planning Group recommends actions to the UN ESC. This process drives decisions which determine the course of humanity every day. One day the UNPG may restrict a technology, and the next release one with worse implications for a different sector of the plan. Whatever the Planning Groups determine to be needed to encourage the growth of the Phoenix Society. The Planning groups only mandate is to drive growth in every possible way. Not even AvCorp is immune to the will of the planning groups. When the scope of the UNPG power was revealed the Sea Lords left the UN calling the UN Planning groups the greatest manipulators of all time. The Sea Lords have tried to stay above and avoid the influence of the Planning groups, yet the Sea lords and their actions are always in the calculations of the System. The actions of the Planning Groups are still a point of great issue between AvCorp, the UN and the Sea Lords. The success of the System is because of the many conspiracies initiated or caused to be initiated by the planning groups decisions. The System continues to subtle control to drive humanity to a type of society, like none ever seen before. Their methods will set them against each other or drive enemies to friendship, whatever the Planning groups decide. Though they have immense sway and influence over the future, no one really understands, except for the UN, what the planning groups do or the amount of power they have.

System Sectors

UN Planning groups have divided the worlds populations into Sectors of behavior. There are Main Sectors and Sub Sectors, based on the Planning groups perception of the groups behaviors. The main Sectors are:

Corporate Sector

This sector incorporates the Corporation, Nations and the UN. Focused on System actions to stimulate productivity and organizations, the planning groups are looking for actions that limit or damage the productivity or leadership of the system.

Combat Sector

Considered the heart of the System, this sector is responsible for many of the innovations humanity has created over the years. The sectors focus is on creating out of the box solutions, which furthers their goals and the Systems. This sectors repeated successes has reinforced the UN belief in the goals and methods of the Planning groups.

Guild Sector

Seen as a buffer between the Combat and Corporate Sectors, the interests of the Major Guilds is always in the best interests of humanity. Their methods, sometime violent and always unrelenting, are unfortunately a product of the society around them. The Smaller guilds, such as the black markets and the pirates, are actually a lever used by the Planning groups to further System goals and responses. Many in the UNPG fear what would happen when these guilds find out they are merly being used by the very System they claim to fight.
Technology Sub Group
Created to control the release of technology, with minimizing harmful effects on the System its priamry goal. The sub group measures and controls the technology growth and designs of both the Combat and Corporate sectors. The decisions of this sub group has caused wars and put corps out of business in the past.
Psi Sub Group
Created in response to the creation of the Psi Guild , this sector is solely devoted to controlling the effects of PsiTechs on the System.

Civilian Sector

Originally created with a focus on the Nations of the world, the groups focus was shifted to civilians after 2 years. The group looks at the attitudes of the civilians who constitute 90% of the Systems participants. This groups goal is to create an atmosphere and social conditions to best support the System and its goals.
Religious Sub Group
The existence of religious factions including the Moa Sen, Taliban, and even the modern Catholic churches cause resistance to the goals of the System. This sub groups creation was driven by the Planning Groups need to minimize outside influences on the System. The groups ultimate goal is the creation of a religion that Supports The System, whether by changing the existing ones or supplanting them.
Species Sub Group
The effects of Human Genus II subjects and the genetically engineered Diaxtron and Centurian races was the reason for this groups creation. The System needs to see where these races fit in humanities future. This Sub group focuses on the racial social effects and how best to use them to expand the System.

Major Political Entities

The United Nations

In the year 2136, the greatest power on the earth is the United Nations (UN). The backing of corporations like AvCorp, The Nations, and Guilds is the base of the UN’s power. The Amended Charter of 2050 set up a four council UN to regulate the Global community. They are listed below in order of Power.

The UN Economic Security Council

The United Nations Economic Society Council (ESC) is the central authority of the UN. The ESC is composed of 10 representatives from the top 10 corporations in the world, usually the CEO’s. This council approves all major UN actions; the other branches enforce the ESC decisions. Another area that expands the ESC’s power base is the Earth Credit Depository (ECD), the monetary network of the world, which reports to the ESC as well.
All Planning group reports, containing the Planning groups recommendations and specific actions, are delivered to the ESC. The 10 members then determines whether to approve or disallow the actions. While the ESC usually does not deal with the details of specific plans the Planning groups create, they do give a broad directive. Based on this directive the UNPG determines the final direction of their plans.
There is no more powerful group than the 10 men in this room.

Corporations, Guilds, and Nations

After the United Nations, the three major entity types are Corporations, Nations, and Guilds. While the UN uses their power to control all of them as best they can, the UN does not have absolute control.
The conflict ended in 2007, and the corporations began their rise to power. As the corporations grew, so did the Technology Guild and the Sea Lords. By 2050, the Nations had stabilized and turned their attentions to global power and influence. The growing power of the Nations was seen as a direct threat to the power of the Corporations. The struggle between the nations and Corporations led to wars and combat all around the world. One of the goals of the Planning groups was to turn this tension into a productive drive, for everyone’s benefit. All these different powers are managed by the planning groups. The Planning groups try to minimize the continuous fighting between the three major entities, which could have a disastrous effect on the System and the goals on the UN if it got out of control. The corporations are detailed first.

The Attitudes of Corporations

The Corporations of 2136 will do anything to make a profit. The lack of investment products, such as stocks and financial markets, makes any external investments in corporations very valuable. Profit and attracting private investment is critical to any Corps survival. Each corporation has to find the critical balance of economic interests versus Military Adventurism, to maintain its cash flow. The constantly changing economic environment effects all corps and nations; use of military force can make a hostile environment, more friendly. Military force has its down sides as well; too many attacks will cause retaliations which can cost a company profit and investment. Often a single action, economic or military, can change a corporations public image resulting in the loss or gain of investment. Negative changes can lead to Corporate Wars between Corporations or Nations. While the System discourages such conflicts, sometimes a good fight is the only way to end the bickering and stabilize the sector.
Corporations use StrikeForces, some employed some freelance, to defend their assets and attack competitors. The ultimate goal is to be linked to a successful action, thus improving the Corps public image. Attacks on major investments like, Economic targets where a Corp has heavily invested are a threat to a Corps income and stability. Attacks like these can directly effect GPPI contributions, something a Corp will do anything to protect.
The UN has created this investment to production cycle to make the major enties dependent on each other. The production of all goods takes place in huge factory complexes (FACOMS) in Nation controlled E-Zones. These FACOMs are staffed by hundreds or thousands of civilian workers from all around the world. These workers, hired for 6 months on and 6 months off, are sometimes hundreds of miles from the cities they call home. Workers are generally well taken care of , even if they are not paid excessively well. Attacks on FACOMS can cause distribution or research issues for Corps. Many invest in their own security to protect their investments. Corps must constantly balance their image versus the economics of 2136.
All these pressures have lead to corporate cultures that have become more and more ruthless. Many corps, both for or against the System, employ corporate executives who are dedicated to themselves first and only. Employed by a corp for a specific skill, these executives got their jobs because they know how to deliver results and investors to the Copr. This new class of mercenary executive knows how to navigate the dangerous waters of corporate politics. This growing class ruthlessness has seen executives use corporate SF to end the aspirations of other executives, sometimes with deadly results.

Detailed Look at AvCorp/ESA

A successful example of corporate balance is AvCorp/ESA. The world’s most powerful Corporation AvCorp/ESA produces almost 70% of the world’s petrochemical based and lubrication products, and it defends its assets ruthlessly. AvCorp has used its power base to expand into other markets, increasing its perceived power. Investments in the armor, consumer goods, media, defense zone products and vehicle design have only proven AvCorp’s status as a stable and high return investment. AvCorp is a major contributor to the the UN Space Program which has created huge returns. Even such returns do not come without the occasional argument with other corporations over communications sector issues. Their huge GPPI contribution, at almost 30% of Global production, has allowed them to hold the president’s seat on the Economic Security Council (ESC) since it was created. These economic reasons are a major part of their power, the other part is their military. Avcorp/ESA maintains a military force unrivaled by any other Nation or Corp on earth. The decisive way AvCorp handles all attacks or threats against it make competitors think long and hard before making such move.s AvCorps destruction of Timmonds Fuel in 6 months did more to cement their power than any economic action they have ever taken.


The economics of the System have empowered growth at every level. The world tech and production base of earth has increased by 1000% in the last 12 years alone. The pressure on all Corporations, whether a top 5 or a startup, to keep growing and attracting investment is by design of the System. There are at least 4 million corporations in 2136 of varying size and power, all fighting for a bigger slice of the pie. The Systems conflict driven environment is mostly beneficial for the Corps and Nations, the level of growth is proof of this. The economics have made it so both sides need each other. Corps and Nations employ and enhance the Civilian sector, creating work market unemployment rates of less than 4% on average. This economic reality has lead to a civilian and Corporate Sector where 90% Believe or support the System. Even with a stable and growing economy some Corporations will take actions that are sometimes against the Systems interests, but certainly within theirs, such actions are done quietly, should word get out of a corporation taking such action, its enemies would do all they can to discredit and destroy them.
The Corps of 2136 are driven to by 2 complimentary forces in 2136, economic power and military adventurism. Both drive the private investment that is crucial to a Corps survival.


Fighting and Rebellion

It is important to note that there is no organized resistance to the System, the UN or any of the major corporations. While there is minimal resistance by individuals in the Combat Sector and the Corp Sector. Those resisters in the Corp Sector are not against the System so much as they feel it is mismanaged, its end goals are wrong, they see no value in those goals, or they simply want more power. Combat sector troops are against the System because it let them down in some way and they are in a position to do some hurt back. Regardless no one is really trying to destroy the system. There is no rebellion.
Could there be? Sure anything is possible. This is a Role Playing Game. If the characters feel they are the ones to kick off this revolution, they should feel free to try. Remember there is NO help. Perhaps the pirates or a rogue Nation might sign on, but even an indifferent company like JDA, for all their complaints about the system, know what side they are on. The UN might even find a rebellion a curious test of the system. Whatever occurs the UN ESC and MAC would never let it get out of hand.
This is what the game is about. If you as a player see armed revolt instead of taking actions to cause change; then call up the Sea Lords and see if you can get them to join your characters against the system. As Max said “ I haven’t decided if I want to die yet”. Perhaps you can make a decision he could not. Remember there is no rebellion, except in the hearts of brave men and women.


These are the major entities in the Game of StrikeForce: 2136. Use the above information to help devise Conspiracies against the system and those that wish to stop them. Members from the ranks of these Corps, Nations and Guilds will rise to be the foils in your campaigns, some good some evil, but always with their self interest high in their minds. These foils may be working for a Corp or Nation, maybe even playing them to accomplish another goal entirely. Whatever the ultimate goal make sure the foils fit your campaign and the direction you and your players want it to go.

The Society of the System

City 1

The Cities

The UN has seen the future as one of conflict and struggle. To keep the major populations centralized, and defendable, the UN and the Tech Guild have designed the cities of 2136 as massive arcology multi level cities. These cities are technological marvels, from their extensive defensive grids, self sufficient power grids, and centralized transport systems which interconnect all levels. They are like no cities humanity has ever created.
The Nations of the world have little to brag about, being under the foot of the UN ESC and the Corps. The splendor of their cities has become a direct reflection on their power in the world. While the UN and the Tech Guild have used the GPPI system to push many a Nation into an arcology city model. They have even tried to mandate designs, but many nations have fought them if only to show their independence from the UN and its new society. The result has been that Nations tend to follow the broad designs of the Tech Guild while still reflecting the different styles of the Nations and their perceived needs. In 2136 three are now 3 major city designs; Maze, Platform, and Domed. Each Nation controls how administration, layout, and security are implemented in there cities.

Maze Cities

The maze type city is mainly used by many of the poorer countries and shantytowns throughout the world. The maze cities are laid out like the cities of the 21st century. Maze cities lack growth planning as they expand, causing public transport to the many central hubs to be lacking or slow. Police in these cities tend to be less effective because of the large amount of territory they must cover. Artificial Intelligence programs, usually housed in Large Scale Hardware Frames, control the cities infrastructure tasks are never as connected as they should be. The police tend to prioritize responses based on the sections or zones, so in all subzones double or triple normal response times.

Platform Cities (Arcology Type 8)

Platform cities are built like a tree; a center trunk with platforms extending out from the center. The city of Brasilia is the greatest example of this design. Platforms at ground level may be several square KM in size, others, rising hundreds of meters in the air, are smaller barely a square KM. Each platform is considered a zone of its own and has its own police response. The Police in platform cities tend to be the most effective, as they pull resources from other platforms as needed. However, as the platforms expand and new buildings are built, the planning in these cities is much more meticulous, because of the lack of platform space. Expanding the platforms is very dangerous and costly. Platform Cities have platforms that are like sublevels, usually the platforms farthest from the center trunk. In these platforms all police response times are at ½ the normal time listed below for Domed Cities.

Domed Cities (Arcology Type 13)

Domed Cities, such as London, Paris, Berlin, Chicago, Vancouver, Tokyo, Peeking, are all great monuments to the abilities of the greater countries of 2136. Every domed city has 16 levels all with monorail transports and use of elevator links to join the various levels of the city.
The citizens of these huge multi level mega cities are a reflection of the society of the System. The opulence of the Upper levels gives those who can afford to live there an attitude of superiority. Residents in the upper levels range from CEO’s of companies and managers who support their work. The mid tier levels hold the workers and scientists who fuel these cities economies, with highly technical work product.
The remainder of the middle to lower class consists of hard laborers, who work the mines, production lines, and furnaces powering the FACOM’s and the worlds economy. Many live in the lowest of the city levels, deep in the bowels, above the generators and the levels that keep these cities functioning. The last area of the cities are the sublevels. Far below the city levels, deep underground, these dirty, crime infested areas with minimal police protection support the upper city and house the dregs and predators of the phoenix society. Here the black markets, smugglers, and criminals do their business and eke out their lives. Many contract workers come to the sublevels for entertainment, few live here though.
The Domed Cities are actually not enclosed with a physical dome. Instead these cities are protected by a large-scale reactive electrical armor system. Designed with four large generator arches that use the central spire of the city as a focus point, the system looks as elegant as it is deadly. The system generates an electrical shield with the power to stop any man sized, or larger, target within 2 KM that are not cleared to be around the city. The blast of energy from these defenses will destroy most targets Vehicles can be cleared to enter the city dome, however most are denied. Uncleared vehicles are forced to land or are destroyed.

Arcology Type 13 City Levels

Each Domed City or Arcology is divided into 8 main city levels. This is as much administrative, as a visible method of social stratification In arcology cities the nicer levels are higher up in the city ring, with level 1 being the highest and most exclusive level. Skyscraper Buildings may span multiple levels in a domed city and the city level where the building ends shows the amount of power its residents have. So a SkyScraper may start at level eight, but end at level 1. Such a massive building, spawning levels and social speheres indicate Corporations with massive resources and power.
When describing the City Levels think levels of clean. Level 8 is clean but the details are missed, some areas are even dingy. An arcology level 1 gleams, a blinding monument to humanities technological growth and the future.
Police response in any of these levels is usually fast, figure 20 seconds x level (so a level 5 response is usually 100 seconds or 3 turns + 2 phases). The Police are very protective of city civilians and they will stop, using whatever force is necessary, any StrikeForce who is perceived to be threatening civilians.
Security in city level buildings is generally based on the status of the Corp or organization who controls it. A City Level 7 building will usually have an Internal Defense Zone of at least a 1 but no more powerful than a 2. Buildings with exceptions to this rule would tip off local or UN authorities that something unusual is going on.

City Level Societies

Upper Level Society

The social status of those who live upper levels of an arcology are considered the upper upper to middle upper classes. Usually city levels 1-3 are the domain of the ultra wealthy and powerful. These folks are the head of the System; all whom believe or support the system completely. A person who is fighting the System in these levels are either very clever, has a needed skill or is stuck in a dead end job and been overlooked. The people of these upper levels show respect the StrikeForce members by ignoring them. Citizens of a city level 1 will try to not even acknowledge the presence of a StrikeForce. Should a Strikeforce member speak to them, a subordinate will attempt to run interference. Most executive types wear Corporate Glove Suits, no weapons, but lots of defensive Mods.

Mid Level Society

City levels 4 – 6 houses people in the lower upper and upper middle social classes. People at these levels are the minions of the upper levels. They work as executives for the many Corps, Nations, and Guilds and dream of they day they will reach the upper levels. People fighting the System are more common, usually older folk who were passed over or missed their chance to ascend to the higher levels. Folks here give StrikeForces a wide berth, but generally will help if they can find a way to turn it to their advantage. Everything at these levels is just a tad less clean and advanced as the upper levels, and those who live here know it. The people at these levels tend to shy from visible armor of any type, a sign of their comfort and belief in the System.

Lower Level Society

City levels 7 and 8 house most of the middle and some lower class populations. Either demoted from the mid levels, or low level workers who never made it, many of these workers travel for months at a time to Economic Zones. There they manage or work in FACOM’s for Corporations or Nations. Fighters are even more common here, as are disgruntled workers for any local corporation. Talk of unions and taking back ones quality of life are not unheard of here; but the constant travel of the population makes it impossible to make any stable organizations. This population wears armor and makes it obvious, they also will help a StrikeForce when it suits them or enough money is offered.

City Services levels

All arcologies in 2136 have 4 levels dedicated to city services and processes, including Sewage delivery, recycling, power generation, Artificial Intelligence control, and StrikeForce storage and billets.
Security in all of thse levels is extremely high. Each level has dedicated Police and SWAT teams on patrol as well as a Level 10 Internal Defense Zone complete with the best Droids and Sensors a Nation can afford.
Level 9 is the StrikeForce billet area and vehicle storage. The level usually have 4 vehicle entrances A StrikeForces STO can store their vehicles here for a few hundred credits while visting a Domed City. There are alos free 2 person billets for StrikeForces to stay if they don’t want to sleep in city. The security on the vehicles is quite high, the billets have minimal security. This level shows the Systems dedication to the Combat sector.
Level 10 is dedicated to the AI and Computer systems that run the City. From Large Scale Hardware Frames to algorithm chips multiple systems are in place to protect and operate the 1000’s of automated systems in a Domed City.
Levels 11 and 12 are underground and dedicated to the more Mechanical functions of the arcology; sewage treatment, recycling, and Gravecletric power generation. These ares are as secure as any on the planet and have at least a IDZ of 8 or above.

City Services Society

Civilians here are workers for the city, they are paid well and take their jobs seriously. Most Police Forces tend to reward good conduct and work here with promotions and better jobs up top, tending to offset any morale problems. No one, but Police and dedicated service personnel, is allowed into or lives in the Services levels.

Sub levels

Directly below the main city and the City Services sections are the sublevels. All arcologies are built on top of 4 Sublevels; Sublevel 1 is the best maintained, while SubLevel 4 houses the dregs of society. These Sub levels provide no direct access to the outside world, they use fluorescent sun (UV) lights provide natural lighting for the limited populations here.
Sublevels have a 15m Ceiling to floor height. Filled with massive city support Pylons, usually 100m x 10m x15m in size and made of a super dense synthetic material. These pylons help support the upper city levels. Over the years, as people drifted down into the SubLevels, these pylons have been modified by construction firms. These firms have created a booming industry by building apartments, shops, hotels and bars into the outer casings of the massive pylons. These subdivided pylons still can support the upper levels, as the construction is limited to the outer edges and the pylon material is so dense. The walls inside on the constructed areas are at least 4m thick, so attempting to blast one is ridiculous; each wall has at least 5,000 Structure Points (SP), some have more. This makes SubLevel buildings perfect hide outs and last stand areas.
Sublevels are laid out in a series of concentric circles. In the center is the Central Elevator core that leads to the upper levels and houses the main electronics shaft into the SubLevels. From there each circle is divided into 4 sectors. Each location is listed by its zone and subzone. Zones start at the right with Zone 1 and rotate to the right to Zone 4. Each zone has 4 subzones. The higher the subzone the farther from the center. So Zone 2 sub zone 4 would be in the upper right farthest from the elevators. This simple coordinate system makes it easier to find a location in the SubLevels.
The appearance of a Sub level is that of a filthy area covered in paper, damaged equipment, and even dead bodies. The deeper/farther out in the SubLevel the more of each players will find. City services are lacking here, most of the folks are squatters of one sort or another. Poverty and crime are rampant on all the Sublevels, just the level of violence differs by levels. Most Nations have the will, but not the resources, to fix the many social and economic issues in these levels, the UN and the Corps just do not care. Even the police avoid the areas unless there is a major fire fight or enough residents call in (a cause of long police response times). Even those who have legal documents allowing them to be in the sub areas only have such documents so they can call police without a hassle. The SubLevels are not for the faint of heart, one act of weakness can get you killed here.

SubLevel Society

The Sublevels are full of gangs and other criminals; some violent, some slick, all out to profit at some others expense. Even the children are taught at an early age to live this lifestyle of crime and graft. However at every level there are good folk trying to create something better, if the evil around them does not get them first.

SubLevels 1 and 2

The people in these Subs are the low class. Many here are simply good folk trying to find a way to make a decent living. Those good folk tend to band together and work to keep the bad folk away. The remainder are either organized crime, petty criminals, violent gangs, or workers spending their cash. The criminals, organized or not, are out to take whatever they can from the good folk. Their methods are usually brutal and vile. Those workers who come to these levels are usually in the sublevels spending their earnings from their last 6 months at the FACOM or other E-Zone job.
Many folks who live here are indifferent to the system, the visitors tend to be supporters. The people, criminals and good folk alike, give StrikeForce members great respect. The criminals are still happy to try and get one over on anyone they can, even a SF member. People tend to wear armor, anything they can get their hands on, down here. Even the workers who are just there drinking, Sublevels 1 and 2 are dangerous for anyone not paying attention.

SubLevels 3 and 4

The words vile cesspool best describe these areas. There are pockets of good folks trying to make a living, but few survive for more than a few months. Much of the outer pylon areas have been built out by construction companies trying to make business, with few customers. Much of the real estate is empty or used by gangs, organized crime, or Corps and Nations doing work they want kept secret. The bars and other entertainment venues do very well, as long as the entertainment is vile and sick enough for the patrons. There are even rumors of gang hunts of upper level civilians who might have missed a payment or two. Only the most desperate or tragic from the upper levels visit these areas. StrikeForces here are respected as long as they show strength, at the first hint of weakness the attacks begin. These SubLevels have one redeeming fact for a StrikeForce; they pay well and don’t ask questions when it comes to salvage.

The Characters Role in 2136

The character’s place in the world of 2136 is determined by the player’s choices. Many forces will try to force or entice characters into actions for others. The Corporate sector is trying to control the System, using the StrikeForces as their pawns, willing or not. How players deal with the constant assault on their characters ideals influences how hard the character’s future will be. The Characters might be dedicated to furthering the system’s goals, shaping the characters reality by taking actions to make right what the System has wronged. Players may also have their Characters choose to fight the System punishing System assets as they appear. You may even reach a point where you turn on your friends for a principle.
Your characters will be in the middle of a struggle between different views. Conspiracies abound; some small some world changing. Where you fall in these attempts to control or evade the System, will determine your characters options and ability to influence the story. Some thrive on being a pawn, some rebel, some just die because they are simply not good enough. The players choices for their characters help write a deep and compelling character and adventure in StrikeForce. What you are and what the System will let you become may well be two different visions; and that may be enough for the System to make an example of you. Role play and find out.

Technology Basics

It’s Like Magic – Technology in 2136

Human technology had already been growing in leaps and bounds, when the Secret War started. The discovery of controlled H3 Fusion, the creation of stable Vanders AI programs, the Paulson Units pushing the boundaries of robotics, and the discovery of the hydrogen based explosive additive Rigia-19x were some of the discoveries which pointed to a new era of scientific innovation. The Secret War and the Russian Darkness slowed this age of innovation. By 2011 the Tech Guild and the Cartin Consortium had once again made huge gains in all areas of science. Every major scientific field had huge breakthroughs in the next 16 years. The impacts in Energy Production, Pharmaceuticals, DNA based vaccines, Nanonic and Silicate based technologies, and basic manufacturing, were world changing, especially for the Corporations in the Consortium. These discoveries helped win the War against the Paulson Units.
Unlike the Corporations civilians and Nations gained little from this scientific bounty. When the Secret War ended in 2034 the pace of science slowed once again. Infighting between the Tech Guild and Corporations put up walls between scientists and their colleagues around the world. In 2050 this all changed with the return of the UN. The Tech Guild became the sole guardian of all the technology and science of the Human race. Their policies, with strong backing from the UN, and the ability to negotiate with the most stubborn of Corporations restarted the age of collaboration in the Scientific community; the pace of invention was back on track.
In 2075 Master Tech Thergod Anste unified all major sciences with his Unified Forces Theory. The Theory provided a map to the forces that link all sub atomic particles. The ability to apply certain forces, or combinations of Forces, in a specific way caused specific effects in the real world. The Unified Forces Theory does not prove the existence of theoretical “strings” that reside in multiple dimensions. Instead it proves the existence of bonds between sub atomic particles and the strings. Use of the various forces allows a person to manipulate those bonds and change the particles relationships; thus changing the particles effect on the real world.
This discovery broke human science lose from its very foundations. The ability to turn ideas into practical science and devices in a short time was now reality. The pace of scientific creation accelerated to a rate never before seen. The creation of Gravlectric Engines, powered by the force of gravity itself, to power vehicles and Cities was the next great advance. Humanity had a power source with great output and almost no resource inputs. Gravlectric power was cheaper, easier to maintain, and had zero waste or emissions issues. Fusion power generation was rapidly abandoned.
“The realm of science has entered the realm of magic” declared Tech Guild Master Densi Garn. Over the next 15 years huge changes occurred. Nanonics became practical for industrial and military use. Bionics and DNA research became common place and understood. As humanity expanded their knowledge of the underlying forces and how to manipulate them, the effects became more defined and predictable. Technology was now like magic, ideas only dreamed of 20 years ago can now be created in days. Humanity has entered their next age of science, the Age of Natures Force.

The Information Society – Natures Forces

All technology is created using one or more of natures forces as defined by the Unified Forces Model. Each force is defined with specific abilities, effects, and related information. Natures Forces are the basis of a science that allows the creation of technology with almost no limits. The amazing attributes of each force and related effects means the only limit to what technology can do is the creativity of humanity.
In game terms character skill rolls are influenced by tech, but not dominated by it. Players can ask the GM for certain information or cause their tech simulate certain effects based on their skill. Whatever the idea the players ability to expand role play situations grows with the forces and their effects. The 5 Forces used by Technology in 2136 are : Electromagnetic, Gravitational, Weak Nuclear, Strong Nuclear, Chemical , Physical. Each force has specific attributes and effects that are discussed in detail in the technology section of the rules.

Hard and Bio Tech Devices in StrikeForce

All devices in 2136 are built on one of three Technology Design Standards.
Hard Tech devices, made with advanced Electronics using either Very Small Integrated Circuits (VSIC) or the Nanonic Tech standard are used inside and outside of a characters armor. Bio Tech Devices are DNA strands that add natural abilities to a living DNA chain. Bio Tech gives abilities and powers to, Glove Suits or a Bio Bloc inside a person. Each standard has advantages in StrikeForce.

VSIC (Hard Tech)

The most basic of the new interfaces. Very Small Integrated Circuits (VSIC) holds close to 45 Trillion circuits on a single chip, this is an upgrade to the Silicate IC standard which has 4.5 trillion and was retired in 2127. Technologies built on this spec have a minimum Enc. of .5 and can be as large as 100 enc. Game Advantages: Cheapest type of chip, larger size makes it easier to fix, Chips can be extracted at the push of a button. Built in systems can be removed and replaced anywhere parts can be found.

Nanonic (Hard Tech)

The Nanonic Interface is an extension on VSIC technology. The circuit pathways require an extremely low power charge to function. This allows Nanonic technology to be extremely minute in size; from micron to sub micron sizes. The size and power requirements of the standard allows for armor to use more chips, increasing armor functionality, than VSIC. The trade off is they are not serviceable in the field. Only a qualified tech with the right tools can work, or even see, Nanonic circuits. Technologies Built on this spec have minimum Enc. of .0001 and can grow as large as 2 Enc. Game Advantages: You can put more of them in your Armor meaning more functionality to armor. It is also great for keeping encumbrance values low.

DNA (Bio Tech)

The final standard is DNA/RNA based chemical coding. This biotech process uses Synthesized DNA to add genetic abilities to a DNA Strand. DNA Enhancements, like hard tech, can improve an armors abilities; they can also be added directly to a person. There are 5 types of DNA gene enhancements used today. The fewer abilities a Genetic Enhancement has the simpler the process to add it to a genetic structure. A simple Enhancement will add only one ability to a glove suit or a person. To lower mutations in the population, the UN released the Bio Bloc. DNA Enhancements that can normally be added to a human can be added to a DNA based Bio Bloc, inside a person. The Enhancement is then available to the Human as if it was a part of their DNA. The UN has recently released several DNA Enhancements that can be applied directly to Normal Human DNA without the Bio Blocs, but these are limited as mutation is such a high risk. DNA base armor malfunction are easier top fix, usually requiring oragnic healing. Another DNA based option are Enzyme based enhancements, these are a cheaper and powerful short-term solution. Once injected user gains a specific ability until the Enzyme breaks down.
Game Advantages: DNA Tech tends to have more abilities than hard tech, easier to fix, no Encumbrance penalties, flexible use of armor abilities. Can be mixed with Hard Tech.

The UNIWeb

Creation and History

The destruction of the Internet, and most electronics, with the EMP Explosion of 2005 (called the Russian darkness), ended interlinking of computers and trading markets across the globe. In the 2050’s the UN began the UNIWeb project, a living network to connect humanity across the globe once more. Accessed using a 220 million-channel wireless broadband communications backbone, the United Nations Information Web (UNIWeb) has over a trillion AI Large Scale Hardware Frames and Terminal devices linked together. It is the largest living repository of data ever created by humanity.

Technical Data on the UNIWeb

Wireless connections to the UNIWeb occur between 450 -900 mhz bands. Devices use embedded transmitters, signal boosters, and satellite connections to make certain there is no area on the planet where the UNIWeb is not accessible. While these frequencies can be jammed, the sheer amount of bandwidth available makes such jamming difficult.
The UNIWeb subnet design is based on a 25 character alphanumeric hardware scheme that does both name and hardware resolution at the protocol level. This allows multiple systems to have the same Alpha name and still exist on the UNIWeb at the same time. All direct connections; Terminals, VidChips, and AI have a 25 character Alpha Numeric ID called a NetID. The Net ID is assigned to the devices physical ID when it connects for the first time. The full address is the combination of the Alpha name and the NetID. The UNIWeb backbone adds this Full Address to packets allowing them to be routed to their destination. All packets have the sending users name and Net ID attached as well. Sending an email to Slasher01, without having their netid, means over 1,000,000 Slasher01 names could get the email. NetIds are recycled if a device does not connect in a year.

Connecting to the UNIweb


Any direct connection to the UNIWeb or other network is called an Uplink. Connections to the UNIWeb are all done wirelessly through a Data Transfer device, as described below. Uplinks to other networks may be done through the UNIWeb if it is a linked network (see below) or a connection device designed to connect to the networks interface type. In 2136 Network Interfaces range from hard wired systems, Chemical air borne receptor networks, laser connections, and many other types. It is possible to modify an interface to connect with an unlike interface, this requires modifications to the connector.

Linked Networks

The UNIWeb literally is a web of interlinked networks, where the UNIweb is the center and linked in private networks use it for communications with the rest of the globe. Whether a corporate, national, or Guild network, any private network has some sort of link to the UNIWeb. Access to these linked networks is usually through Root2-5. Once in the Root access to these networks is usually additionally protected by whatever defense zone systems are in place. In game terms to break into a linked Net, you must make at least 2 computer rolls to break in, one for the UNIWeb root where the network connects and at least one more to crack the linked networks Root 0.

Commerce in 2136


Paper monies and other hard currencies are no longer used; rather computerized transfers control a virtual account of credits and debits. Every person has an account; the system uses palm or retinal scan security combined with an 8 character code to access their account, making it a very secure system (TEF 2500). The 8 digit code consists of a 2 digit alpha (612 possible)- 3 digit numeric(1000 possible)- 3 digit Symbol (800 symbols) and is in excess of 512 million codes. To break the combination of the biometric and code data before a monitoring AI detects the attempt would be impossible. Security is further increased as all transaction information is processed and stored in Root7 of the UNIWeb and are AI checked at random nanoseconds for irregularities.
ECD Terminals are everywhere, City and Sublevel streets, in places of business, many corps and gangs even have portable terminals making it easy to do business transactions anywhere at any time.

ECD Value

The value of the ECD is controled by the UN. Price Controls and limiting the growth of financial markets are some of the ways the UN and its Planning Groups guide humanity forward. The ECD is worth about 1000 United States dollars, prior to the conflict. Average salaries for lower and middle class workers is 3000 – 10,000 credits for a 6 month stint in an EZone. Upper middle and entry level corporate executives make from 15,000 to 30,000 a year. Upper level executive makes in excess of 75,000 credits a year. StrikeForces, and CEO salaries, can make 5 times these values, another reason the UN keeps such tight controls on the economies of the world.

The Gold Standard

Driven by the Black markets a second semi legal tender has surfaced, called the Dinar. This .5 ounce solid gold coin (Enc .1)started in the Black markets and was quickly picked up by the Shanty Towns and SubLevels for use as payment. Each Dinar is worth 10 credits at this time, and the exchange rates are strictly controlled by the Black Markets. Dinars are accepted in the Black markets, most gangs, the Shanty towns and in the sublevels. City levels, most Corporations and any type of Government official will not accept them at all, though some merchants in City Levels 7 or 8 or unscrupulous government officials might accept them if nothing else is available.


Discovery of The Plane

The discovery of the Astral Plane was by a novice Stalker, who was trying to make a teleport ability. This “plane” has been theorized as dead space between universes. The Astral Plane was always there; humans just had no way of accessing it. The control of Calon energy has allowed humans to enter this strange area of the universe. There has been limited exploration of the astral plane. Since it appears to be an extension of the material plane, current science believes it is devoid of “Astral Life”. Several expeditions have gone looking for this native life on the plane and have found nothing. Two Tech Guild parties are still in the plane looking, with no success to date.

Accessing the Astral Plane

The Astral plane is accessed using a Calon Bridge pattern. The calon energy is what keeps a person and any objects on their person in the astral plane. remove the calon energy and the person or object falls out of the astral plane. So a person could drop and object, a piece of paper or a grenade, and it would fall to the physical plane, but where it landed in this plane would be very hard to control.
Each pattern effects the Astral plane differently, but they go to the same place. When leaving the same thing occurs ; A detectable doorway appears in the destination plane. The door way is obvious, usually 10% larger than the object or person leaving the plane, PsiTechs can control this with pattern changes. Any targets would have a chance to see it and be able to react. Scientist have had limited success creating stable doorways using Technology.
There is NO, and I do mean NO, way to attack a target on the material plane without creating a Calon Bridge. So NO Supersecret , no warning type attacks from the Astral plane. If such a power did come into being; the System, UN and Corps would get every PSI and StrikeForce on the planet to hunt that PSI, or latent with the power, down and dead. They, of course, would store the Calon Pattern for further research.

Visual Effects of the Plane

The Astral Plane is outside normal existence in the material Plane. The plane looks like a surreal natural image that overshadows the actual terrain on the material plane. The area is always there and appears to be black and white with streaks of color to those who enter it. The physical terrain appears to be grasses, rock , mountains, and other outdoor terrain mostly. It follows the contours of the material plane, meaning that building look like towering mountains and rock chimneys, walkways might look they are rock corridoors etched into the rock wals, or even stand alone areas not related to the newest structure. Characters can use perception skills to determine what structures lie underneath the strange views of the Astral environment.

The World

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