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Cast of Characters Current and Deceased

Thranda Rashton – Tech Guild Corrdinator to the TroubleShooters
Blen Havers – Personal friend of Jeris Cain and the troubleshooters. CEO of Benton Corp
Dr. Enlid Crimm – Ex Tech Guild Master Tech who is out to destroy the System and bring humanity to a “real” existence
Samuael Embert – Poerful PsiTech who worked for The Council Of The Third Eye and its goals.
Polly Seztch — Good Helo Pilot, thinks the world of jeris cain
Lena VextrilCSPY who works for the invested. Mother of Gimbals son Mordred. Kinda sick and cruel (DECEASED)
Ested MungCEO and major share holder in the Invested and Midas cellar. Is all about the money. (DECEASED)
Lance Schriever — Work buddy of Jeris Cain, currently working in UFK Facom
Niles VenistonCEO of NovaLog, Suspected of working with the invested for many years, no proof.
Dr. Lawernce Fishburn — Ex alcoholic tech, who’s life was changed by gimbal. Now has 5 Centers World Wide. Centers are dedicated to peaceful research and promoting world peace between nations, corps, and guilds. His estranged daughter Karla is executive VP.
Frank Murphy — Ex-STO who was converted to a bar tender by Gimbal and the troubleshooters
Andrew Galant — VP of logistics at EVLabs. Works with gimbals brother. Considered next in line for CEO position.
VinCENT — Pre Conflict Invers AI. Trying to escape the mainframe, his electronic body.
Markus Revel — Curerent CEO of EVLabs
Hang Min Smith — Son of BioTech CEO, Executive VP of Corporate relations, Killed recently at EvLabs HQ.
Wong Ti SmithCEO of BioTech. Member of the Council of Purity Moa Sen Collective States. Recent loss of his son has made him hard and much more demanding.
Anyst Mekelson — Leader of Free Merican Shanty Town KrensVille. Major leader and support of the ShantyTown alliance.
the Joker (Anil Crem) — Devious Hacker with no morals but price.
The Istari (Wanki Fiste) — Excellent hacker with morals and quite a few enemies
Sheila Mung – Daughter of Ested Mung (who never married). Looks related to Kris Talon.
Viceroy – Midas Cellar section head in charge of Pharma and DNA research
Cyclops — Midas Cellar section head in charge of Hard Tech research
Odin — Midas Cellar section head in charge of beneficial Pharma and DNA research
Titan — Midas Cellar section head in charge of Harmful Pharma and DNA research
Namor — Midas Cellar section head in charge of combat Tech research

Cast of Organizations

ShantyTown Alliance a loose allianceof 15 Shanty Towns world wide to pool resources and improve the situation for ShantyTowns worlkd wide.
The Invested – A Secret Corp dedicated to collecting information and then using it for massive profits.
Council of The Third Eye — A psiTech organization dedicated to putting Psi’s incharge of the UN
Midas Cellar — A second Secret Corp started by Ested Mung to more efficently create tech and profits from the investeds information collection efforts.

Cast of Characters

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