StrikeForce: 2136 Nothing Good will Come of This

The Story So Far

when I created this I thought i would have the time to update it more. As we can see that did not happen. So I am going to try again for the benefit of all, players and the GM.
*Welcome to Epic Level Play

This campaign has been running for at least 5 years and in that time the players characters have changed, grown and added a ton of technology. We have changed from Rev A to Rev B Conflict System, which capped the math, added variable damage and luck, made explosives do the damage they should. The characters have all hit maximum ranks, or are close. There is no shortage of opposition to them even as the number of abilities and technologies; this group has entered Epic level StrikeForce.

The Last Few Years
So in the last few years the StrikeForce called the Trouble Shooters has fought ( in the order I remember) a number of high level groups and opposition and even resolved some passions along the way.

  • The Invested (an Information manipulation group) and the hyper aggressive Lena
  • A second rise of Paulson units
  • VinCent (pre Paulson AI design) trying to take control of a human body
  • Sudenar (alien race) plots to drive humanity against the Saltheri ( another Alien Race)
  • Numerous attempts by Krosensky Electronics to mess with them
  • Mordred (geneticly force grown clone of Gimbal and Lena’s Son, who was force trained and made to hate his father. In the process he came to hate all humanity)
  • an Attempt by a Psi Group to take control of major institutions of the System, Tech Guild, AvCorp, and the Planning Groups among many others. They used Psi Powers to rewire critical people.
  • An attempt by the Pirates to destabilize the System by declaring their underwater city, Called Atlantis (a pre-conflict city off the coast of Japan, that was reclaimed in 2075 and then l;ost agin until the pirates reclaimed it).
  • Attacked and damged the Moa Sen collective states at every turn, they realy don’t like these guys.
  • stole and kept a top secret maxed out vehicle from the Sea Lords and so far have managed to keep it. they call it the mantis, the Sealords called it the Nautalis.
  • have discovered the Elder paths of knowledge the Paths of Science, magic, faith, PsiLord, and the Praeter. This is an alpha expansion we are working on.
  • used new Space abilities to mine iridium and use a small asteroid to destroy a Moa Sen Fort in an EZone and get tons of cash.
    *Stopping Enil Crimm, mad genius bent on showing the troubleshooters how bad the system is. He created technology that increased in power the more cruel and ruthless those using it were. The point was to get them to help him destroy the system and save the helpless victims he was working to help on a old Ocean city ( built on 3 old Oil Super Tankers). The trouble shooters had to kill Crimm but saved his wife (in a surprising display of compassion gimbal actually used his Psi healing powers to heal her of aPsi Block placed in her head)

About 4 years of game time has past in the game, but in a world where 50 is the new 28 time is not such a big deal

The various forces have conspired to force humanity to do their bidding and the TroublShooters have managed to stop them, but they have changed.

The Players

Gimbal the PsiTech has become driven to control, or should I say rule, earth. His once protective and healing demeanor has become a tad maniacal, very calculating, and determined to save every attractive hot chick in 2139. Gimbal uses his Psi Powers creativity and has actually entered into the Secret Preserver school, where he can manipulate or destroy a persons soul. He keeps this power a secret lest his StrikeForce turn on him. Gimbals life is complicated by the Saltheri Soul graft attached to him. A former General of the Saltheri, Agrin has a driven attitude but gimbal is unsure of his goals or how he will react to some of what he does. They work well togetehr, even if Gimbal does not trust him.

Jeris Cain Corporate Spy (Cspy) has become convinced that the System and the world are out to get him and are up to no good. The only character whose Attitude towards the system has slipped he is one bad reveal from becoming a fighter. Once a fighter for justice and truth he has now become determine to just hurt those who stand for that which he reviles, in short he is violent and happy to do whatever it takes, torture or large explosions, to stop those he feels are simply bad for humanity. Oh and he will die rather than be controlled by ANYONE.

Mike Gohr FeildTech:Nano An Orphan who has avenged him parents death by killing lean and destroying the original invested; Gohr has become driven to know and do anything he can. Power is a side effect of the knowledge he now controls. Ghor live by his own code and finds his crusades in the victims and those whom he can help, he does what needs to be done. ghor used to be a tad more battle oriented, happy to wade in and strike a foe with his Kazkan axe, today he is more happy casting a spell or using his scanner to create effects that just mess up the opposition, and he is not afraid to give a little pain to get what he wants.

Chris Talon Special Tactics Officer Chris talon is from a family with a rich an in some way scaryu history. His blood line can trace back to clan Ice of the Kazkan nation, not many can say that on earth. His fate seems intertwined with that of the Kazkan and he lives his life as one of them might. Dedicated to combat and victory Chris Talon will take any device or offer if he sees a gain in his combat prowess. Fond of saying he has a sturdy trunk but not many branches of Knowledge, Chris Talon is a lethal STO, whether in his ExoSkeleton blasting away with dual mounted lasers, his vehicle unleashing sound projectors and missiles, or using his unorthodoxy tactics to put the enemy at a disadvantage, know 2 things about him he is loyal to his friends and family and a killer to those he counts as enemies.

So that is what has gone before. Coming to the wiki is a cast of characters, the front page will have more about the game system and its metagame information.


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