StrikeForce: 2136

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This Campaign tells the story of a Tech Guild StrikeForce called the TroubleShooters. Consisting of PsiTech Gimbal, FeildTech: Nano Mike Gohr, Corporate Spy Jeris Cain, and Special Tactics Officer Kris Talon.

So come see how the TroubleShooters try to stop the massive conspiracies that surround them , the tech guild and their own goals and passions.

What is the Conflict System
The Conflict system is based on the idea that players can group skills together to create the highest total they can. This mechanic when combined with a Characters Passions gives the players a detailed view of their character. A character truly has to invest in science or electronics to be good at it. Min – Maxing is always an option, but in the Conflict system a focus on multiple related skills actually rewards you more in game.

Creating a SkillSet
A SkillSet consists of multiple skills, technology, and any other tools that are relevant to the task. When a SkillSet is created the player also declares the effect they are going for.

Rolling for Effectiveness
The roll of the dice, a 1d100, is subtracted from the total SkillSet built by the player. This is called the Effectiveness or the EF. Every SkillSet roll is an opposed roll, Every task has target EFs that must be beaten to succeed. The players EF is compared to the opposed EF. Should you succeed the Effect you declared occurs.

Other Effects
Characters can use their skills to increase values on their equipment, their attributes or anything the can thing of. After an EF is successful the success range is used to determine limits such as durations, ranges, and other limits on the effects. Characters also have access to Luck and Story points which allow them to effect in game results in direct ways.

Technology in Game
The technology in StrikeForce is almost magical in nature. The use of basic Universal forces allows for the creation of wondrous and dangerous effects in game. Technology like ExoSkeleton, DNA based Glove Suit armors, Plasma Weapons, AI partners and many other cool types of technology that just add to your characters style and to the stories you will create.

Combat Resolution
Combat in the conflict system is based on building a SkillSet that makes your weapons more effective. Damage is done using a wound System with drugs that can heal instantly. Combat is as tactical and effect driven as the players can make it.

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